Popular Phone Nokia 3310 to be relaunched

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The Nokia 3310 is back – or at least will be soon. The iconic handset is reportedly set to be reborn later this month when HMD, the Finnish company that has the rights to the Nokia brand, unveils a new version of the device.

Despite the wonders of today’s smartphones, with their 4G internet connections, touchscreens and endless choice of apps – the 3310 still holds a special place in many hearts.

Nokia sold more than 100 million of them, and at a rumoured price of around £50, the new version could well feature as a popular second phone. Here’s why it holds such a cult status.

mped model will have a couple of tweaks, according to Chinese news site Vtech.

It is set to be relaunched at the Mobile World Congress technology show in Barcelona later this week, according to Vtech – and will look very similar to the iconic original.

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All hail the 17-year-old 3310 (Picture: Ross Parry)

The new model will not run a modern phone OS like Android – but will be a classic ‘feature phone’.

Instead of the chunky plastic of the original, the new device will come clad in a lighter polymer – but it’ll come in a range of colours, much like the original.

The gadget will be built by Finnish company HMD Global, which owns the rights to Nokia’s classic handsets.

The new model is expected to be shown off at a press conference in Barcelona on Sunday – and previous rumours have suggested it will be around £50.

It’ll be slimmer and lighter than the original – and will have a colour display in contrast to the monochrome 84 by 84 screen of the original.

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Snake was one of the best-loved features of the Nokia 3310

The display won’t be high-resolution, though, as the makers are determined to ensure the device has long battery life – one of the best-loved features of the original.

Endless battery life

Today’s smartphones last a day if you’re lucky, but the 3310 could go on for more than a week – longer in some circumstances. The four black bars on the right hand side of the screen were reassuringly static (there was no panicking about percentages back then) and because it was the world’s most popular phone, everyone had a charger.

And if the worst came to the worst, you could swap out batteries, borrowing a friend’s in a pinch. Of course, batteries weren’t more advanced back then, phones just didn’t have colour screens or Bluetooth radios, but the convenience of the 3310 should serve as an example to today’s manufacturers.

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